GPS - Pinpoint Where You Are
Look out your window and get a sense of the time of day, or night. Where is the Sun? Can you imagine the miraculous colors of dawn and sunset encircling the globe? From space it is a small band between day and nighttime. Become aware of that difference between day and night. Feel the roundness of the Earth. Zoom into where you are right now on this Earth.

Where are you located on the Globe as it relates to the location of the Sun? Picture sitting in the building or place where you are located. Is it your home, your office, outdoors, or elsewhere. Picture where you are in this building in relationship to the size of the structure. Sense the location of the building on the terraine.

Come into your body with awareness. Sense your breath and aliveness. Become aware of your whole body. Feel your weight in your chair. Gravity is holding you in place as the Earth spins. (Imagine - you can be in complete stillness at the same time you are traveling through space - at over 1,000 miles-per-hour!)

What city are you in? Picture your city in its state, then its county, then its continent. Imagine looking at Earth from space and pinpointing exactly where you are.

From this vantage point - you are a tiny dot on a very large planet. Notice that we can comprehend both ends of the scale.

Connect to your ability to imagine this expansiveness. Look at the land masses - the continents. Sense the size of the Oceans encircling the entire globe. Feel the lushness of the emerald green rainforests. Think about the size of the painted illumined brush strokes of the Aurora Borealis and the crystal sparkling polar ice caps.

Take a nice deep breath.

Now, slowly come back to where you are sitting. Notice your breath, your heartbeat, as you become conscious of your surroundings. Feel the weight of your body. Take a deep and full breath and slowly open your eyes, keeping the size of the Earth in your periferal imagination.

Emody the sense of where you are.

Welcome to a much larger world as we know it.

* * * * * * *

Author's Note: When life gets complicated in my mind, I use this exercise to remind me of the true context that we live in.