Becoming Oxygen
Loving Your Cells:

I think of my cells as my children, all working in beautiful harmony.  It is a personal symphony. Through exploration and learning of science, I began to contemplate what cells are all about. Then, I began to focus on my own cells. It then grew into gratitude for my life and my body.

I began loving and appreciating each of my cells. I learned to visualize my cells. I imagined traveling through my veins as oxygen and giving support to areas that needed specific attention. I call it "Cell-f" (self) love.

This exercise of visiting my cells, unbeknownst to me, was the beginning of learning to "love myself." I noticed that my self acceptance and appreciation for living grew and began to affect how I felt day-by-day in a positive way. I became gentle on myself and not as self critical as I had been. I noticed that I became more accepting and loving towards others. Speaking to my cells became a very important meditation that is present each day of my life.

We can learn to love our bodies for doing such a miraculous job. This was my "back door" to learning to love myself that had a much greater effect in all my activities and interactions than I could have ever planned. This exercise translates into healing our bodies, self-love and expanded sense of love for all those in your life.

I wish to share this experience with you.

* * * * * * *

Becoming Oxygen:

Take in a slow, deep and conscious breath. Oxygen is the key to life. It is the key to our existence on this magnificent planet.

We all share this breath and feed it back into the system as carbon dioxide. We are an intricate part of this cycle of life on Earth.

When you take this deep breath, picture these oxygen molecules flooding your lungs. Imagine your consciousness woven with each oxygen molecule. Your consciousness is focused on these oxygen molecules flowing into you.

Travel into your lungs, then through the walls into the blood veins that wind throughout your body. Think about the shape and form of your veins being similar in design to the roots of trrees, leaves - as well as the rivers, tributaries that flow on our planet. The blood which travels through every part of your body every minute, carries oxygen to every cell in your body. This is the opportunity to become an intimate partner with your cellular structure by consciously feeding oxygen as food and love to your cells.

You are actively participating in this elegant design.

* * * * * * *

Meditation on the "Cell-f":

Breathe, slowly and deeply. Imagine your cells as one harmonious colony. These cells are your "Cell-f." They are you. With each breath, imagine that each cell is working to keep you vibrantly alive and well.

Imagine each organ, nerve and muscle of your body having its own rhythm, frequency and special function. Imagine them in harmony. Each cell of each organ working in unison as a whole. Imagine your liver, filtering toxins and cleansing the blood. Imagine your kidneys, acting as another kind of filter. Imagine your heart, beating strongly and clearly. Imagine your nerve endings, calm and yet alert. Imagine your muscles, blood flowing through them, supple and strong. Imagine your brain, conducting the symphony of You.

Appreciate this magnificence and complexity that keeps us alive every minute of every day.

* * * * * * *

This is Life:

Having become much more aware of my living body, I find that accessing this kind of contemplation and awareness brings me closer to the true context of life. Life is infinitely more interesting and less challenging. If there are health issues, they are more easily accessed and addressed. My mental outlook is clearer, more optimistic. This refocusing of the mind is the embodiment of the present moment and leads to unifying my body, mind and spirit.