Body Awake
Lay down comfortably. Feel the weight of your body. Become aware of the gravity holding you in place.

Sink fully into your body and feel your aliveness pulsing through you.

Consciously breathe fully, deep and slow, naturally without force or pushing. Feel the movement of your lungs enlarging and expanding, filling with air.

Release the air, relax, breathe out naturally and slowly. Let the lungs empty. Again, no pushing the breath or forcing.

Become aware of the importance of the space after you breath in and before you breath out.

Before you take another breath, rest in the spaciousness before breathing in.

Continue to breath slowly in this natural rhythm.

Feel your beating heart. Your heart is giving you life. Think about how many times your heart has beaten since you were born. Expand the sense of pulse throughout your body.  Fully relax all of your muscles.

Sense your presence. Feel your biology.

This whole planet is pulsing with countless rhythms throughout all of life - from whales in the ocean to soaring eagles.

We are all a part of this vast, ever evolving, living mandala.

* * * * * * *