Becoming Solar
Sun Light:

You can fit a million Earths inside of the Sun. Both the Sun and the Earth have magnetic fields that interact. The Aurora Borealis is but one stunning result of the effect that the Sun has on the Earth.

The light from the Sun takes aproximately seven-and-a-half minutes to arrive on Planet Earth. The relationship between the Sun and the Earth is precise and miraculous - at just the right distance for seasonal changes and regeneration.

Sunlight is required for life on our planet. We, humans, have a sacred and long history of worshiping the Sun.

It is our deepest joy. We feel happier on sunny days. It is important to our circadium rhythm. We sleep at night and naturally awake to the bright morning sun.

The Sun's light is also responsible for an abundance of special effects. One can see the Sun sparkling on the oceans and the polar ice caps all the way from space! Everyone on Earth responds with awe when witnessing a rainbow. They are an exquisite example of the magic that happens when Sun meets water vapor. Crystals and many other minerals glow with the Sun's radiance and provide inspiration.

The Sun is one of many stars. is our star.

* * * * * * *

Sun Journey:

Sit quietly in the outdoor Sun. Close your eyes. Become aware the Sun's beautiful golden rays as a blanket of warmth on you skin. Think of the Sun as pouring love onto the earth and you.

Start breathing slowly and deeply in an even rhythm. Imagine the air that's coming in and out of your lungs as molecules. Now magine that each molecule is a full holographic representation of the Sun. Each time you breathe in - sunlight pours into your body, warming it, and bringing light to every cell. Imagine your body being awash in light - getting brighter with each breath. More and more sunlight is pouring in and is centered in your heart. Become transparent in the light.

Feel the radiance. Everything is light. Imagine this light burning off the dark and dusty particles of negativity, fear, doubt and indifference until you are pure and clean - radiant beyond your skin.

Picture the prismatic radiance pouring into each breath and out of each breath. Be with this for a while - breathe in an easy rhythm - and bask in the Sun.

* * * * * * *

Come back to where you are sitting. Become more aware of your body.

You have been cleansed and bathed with the pure light and love of our Sun, our roots, our Mother. Remember the feeling of pure light pouring through you, accessible whenever you wish and where ever you might be.

(Don't forget the sunscreen! :-)

* * * * * * *


Go outside in the Sun and get comfortable. With your eyes closed (!) facing the Sun, aim your vision down. See the blood in your eyelids - vibrant firey volcanic reds and oranges, swirling throughout our eyelids. (Make sure your eyes are closed - never look directly at the sun!)

Keep looking at the colors with your eyelids closed, and notice that the swirling reds and oranges begin to slow in movement and quiet down until the color becomes consistent softer yellow color. Let that be for a minute.

Then take the palms of your hands, the soft part, and put them immediately over both eyes so that they cover your eyes completely from the Sun.

Check it out! The colors become violet and turquoise! You'll see texture with lines and dots, movement and electricity. The color combination is exciting.

Keep your hands over your eyes until the violet and purple again begins to quiet down and settles into a still, dark blue/violet. Stay with this for a bit.

Then, again, take your palms off of your eyelids and watch the explosion of the reds and oranges again.

Repeat until bored!

You can do this ANYWHERE in the world!

* * * * * * *

Rainbow Vision Journey:

Go outside in the Sun and get comfortable. Facing towards the Sun, close your eyes.

Now, gradually, very slowly and carefully, open a very narrow slit, just enough to see your eyelashes. Watch what happens!

See the rainbows and play with the different size of the opening. Move your head in different angles and watch the light show of Rainbows and glistening shards of Gold.

Notice that you're in charge of making this gorgeous light show. Have fun with this one!

Again! never look directly into the Sun!

* * * * * * *

Other Sun Adventures:

Check out the gorgeous colors of rainbows shining in different people's hair in the Sunlight.


Next time you hike in trees, not far from a body of water, notice that the sparkles from the water can reach very far into the forest through the leaves... amazing the distance that sparkles can travel.


In the darkest of night overlooking city lights, notice the flickering of man made lights through the atmosphere - alive in the dance of light!

* * * * * * *